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Representing Australia at the F1 in SchoolsTM STEM Challenge World Finals in Singapore in September 2018

Two teams become one

We are a collaboration team made up of students from Methodist Ladies' College and Haileybury College

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F1 in Schools World Finals

Singapore, 9-12 September 2018


About Entente

F1 in SchoolsTM STEM Challenge collaboration team.
Ignite Racing
Ignite Racing
Ignite Racing

Ignite RacingHaileybury

Formed in 2017, Ignite Racing comprised five Year 9 boys from Haileybury and competed at the Victorian State Finals later that year. They showed great engineering promise, and received a wild-card entry to the Australian National Finals in March where they placed 1st, winning their way to the World Finals.

Team Entente
Team Entente
Team Entente
Team Entente
Team Entente
Team Entente

Team EntenteHaileybury + Methodist Ladies' College

Entente is a collaboration team from Melbourne, Victoria, created after the Australian National Finals when Ignite Racing from Haileybury and Xeno Motion from Methodist Ladies' College merged together to form one team to represent Australia and compete at the World Finals in October 2018.

Xeno Motion
Xeno Motion
Xeno Motion

Xeno MotionMethodist Ladies' College

Xeno Motion, a team of five Year 7 and 8 girls, won the Victorian State Finals in 2017 and went on to compete at the Australian National Finals in March this year where they took out several awards and showed the competition organisers the skills required to compete at the World Finals.

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World Final Teams
2018 World Champion Crowned

Our Team

We are a collaboration team of Year 9 and 10 students from Haileybury and Methodist Ladies' College in Melbourne.
Tom Vulcan

Tom Vulcan

Team & Sponsorship Manager
Tom's Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Project Management
  • Financial Planning
Ingrid Winata

Ingrid Winata

Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer
Ingrid's Skills
  • Marketing
  • Creativity
  • Basketball
Katrine Shi

Katrine Shi

Analytical Engineer
Katrine's Skills
  • Time Management
  • Debating
  • Taking Initiative
Arjuna Sanjayan

Arjuna Sanjayan

Lead Engineer
Arjuna's Skills
  • Music
  • Soccer
  • Computing
Jun Fu

Jun Fu

Manufacturing Engineer
Jun's Skills
  • Music
  • Swimming
  • Computing
Annabel Sutherland

Annabel Sutherland

Structural Engineer & Marketing Supervisor
Annabel's Skills
  • Organisation
  • Communication
  • Innovation

Skills we have developed for the project

AutoCAD Design
Graphic Design
Public Speaking
Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Project Management

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's involved with the F1 in SchoolsTM STEM Challenge?
  • F1 in SchoolsTM is the only global multi-disciplinary challenge in which teams of students aged 9 to 19 deploy CAD/CAM software to collaborate, design, analyse, manufacture, test, and then race miniature compressed air powered balsa wood F1 cars.
  • Teams must raise sponsorship and manage budgets to fund research, travel and accommodation.
  • The challenge inspires students to use IT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/teamwork, media skills and financial strategy, and apply them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way.
  • The founding constitution of F1 in SchoolsTM stipulates that it is, and shall remain, a not-for-profit organisation. Funds raised through sponsorship are invested in administering, developing and expanding the challenge. All income is deployed in accordance with guidelines laid down by Formula One Management.
  • The challenge is a unique global platform for the promotion of Formula One and partners to a youth market.
You are a Formula OneTM team commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest Formula One Car of the Future, powered by compressed air cylinders.
  1. Form a team
    Form a team of 3 - 6, think of a name, decide job roles; Team Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Design Engineer, Graphic Designer and Resource Manager. Register via your country's website by clicking here.
  2. Business and Sponsorship Plan
    Prepare a business plan, develop a budget and raise sponsorship. Teams are encouraged to collaborate with industry and create business links.
  3. Design
    Using 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, design an F1 car of the future to the specifications set by the International Rules Committee just like in Formula OneTM.
  4. Analyse
    Aerodynamics are analysed for drag coefficiency in a virtual wind tunnel using Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (CFD).
  5. Make
    Using 3D CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) software, the team evaluates the most efficient machining strategy to make the car.
  6. Test
    Aerodynamics are tested in wind and smoke tunnels.
  7. Pit Booth
    Put together an informative display showing your work through all stages of the project. Think about your team identity.
  8. Scrutineering
    Cars are submitted to parc ferme where the judges scrutinize every dimension to check they comply with the Rules and Regulations.
  9. Engineering Judging
    Judges question teams on how their cars has been manufactured and why particular designs were chosen.
  10. Verbal Presentation
    Prepare a presentation to perform to a panel of judges covering all aspects of the challenge. This will be completed within a set time limit.
  11. Portfolio Judging
    Put together a 20 page A3 portfolio documenting your project.
  12. Race
    Time to test what your team has worked so hard together to achieve; a winning car.
    Compete Regionally, Nationally and Internationally at the World Finals for the Bernie Ecclestone World Champions Trophy.
At first you must visit your country's F1 in Schools website. You can do this by clicking here.

The next step is to see how F1 in Schools is run in your country and read through all of the information specific to you, you can then get started on the challenge and register to compete at a competition.
A team must consist of between 3 and 6 team members. Each team member should be given a different role within the team to ensure everything runs smoothly.
International collaboration teams compete at our World Finals. These are teams made up of competitors from successful teams from different countries to form one competing team. Team members have to find innovative ways of communicating and working together as they are often in different time zones, speak different languages and only meet for the first time at the World Finals event. International collaboration teams develop invaluable skills and often make new, life long friends.
Your team must first compete in your in country competition regionally and nationally. The best teams from each country will then be put forward and will have the chance to represent their country along with teams from around the world at the F1 in Schools World Finals. To enter your country's competition, click here to visit your country's website.
The World Finals take place on an annual basis at a different location each year. The locations are usually set to coincide with a Formula OneTM Grand Prix. Past locations have been Melbourne, Australia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; London, England; Singapore; Abu Dhabi, UAE and Austin, USA.
F1 in SchoolsTM is open to anyone aged 7 - 19 years old. Students can compete in different classes within the F1 in Schools challenge.

Eligibility for participation in National and World Final competitions requires all team members to be enrolled as full-time primary or secondary students at the time of the event.

This competition is open to all Australian School students aged 11 - 18 years of age.

There are three classes of competition:
  1. Cadet Class (Yrs 5 - 12)
    A simplified project open exclusively to first time entering students with a restricted pathway to state level competitions. Students may only participate in this class once.
  2. Development Class (Yrs 5 - 9)
    For first time entering students or those who have participated in the Cadet Class. Students may only participate in this class once. This class provides an international collaboration team pathway to the World Final.
  3. Professional Class (Yrs 5 - 12)
    There are two independent divisions at the State level of competition:
    • PRO Junior Division - All Students in Years 5 to 9 only
    • PRO Senior Division - At least one student in the team is in Year 10, 11 or 12.
    There is ONE overall Professional Class division at the National Final level. The overall Professional Class National Champions will represent Australia at the World Final.
    A student's school year group is determined from the year group the student is in during the year of regional and state competition.
Changing lives around the world

"To help change the perceptions of science, technology, engineering and maths by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people."
Offering a way to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related subjects in such an exciting way is achieving great results and we know we are increasing the intake of students into Engineering careers. We are privileged to have the support of the Formula OneTM community - in particular Mr Chase Carey at FOM and, of course, the Formula OneTM teams who make our students welcome in the F1TM paddock and in their factories.

There are many success stories who have actually come through our initiative and have gone on to achieve significant outcomes in their lives including positions in Formula One teams.

As F1 in SchoolsTM moves into the future we will continue to expand into more and more countries. This is largest and most successful school based STEM program in the world and we will continue to grow on our success.

40 countries... 20 million students... 1 experience of a lifetime!

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